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Phoenix Jiu Jitsu Academy

2018 Kids Cup Jiu Jitsu Tournament

Posted: September 23, 2018

A big shout out to our competitors from Phoenix BJJ & MMA Academy/Atos West Phoenix that competed this past weekend at 2018 Kids Cup Jiu Jitsu Tournament. We had a lot of Gold, Silver and Bronze which brought home a 5th place Team Trophy with just a handful of kids!

We even had some kids from Atos HQ that contributed to the team points, thanks guys!

Bianca Coria compete at the 2018 Copa Bela Woman's Jiu Jitsu Tournament, Awesome work Bianca!

A big Thank you to all of our Coaches, as always a job well done!

And I must comment on the pure entertainment of one of the Professors from an un-named school on the passion he has for his team, but if any of our Coaches acted that way, we would have to have a talk. The reason for my comment is learn and share on what not to do, but it did open my eyes on somethings we should change to help our members. So look forward on a better process on signing up our competitors for future tournaments.

Congratulations to all competitors and families!

2018 AZ Kids Cup – Results
1 – Maracaba BJJ – 126 points
2 – One Jiu Jitsu – 103 points
3 – Carlos Farias Jiu Jitsu – 94 points
4 – UFC Gym North Tucson – 91 points
5 – Atos Jiu Jitsu – 86 points
6 – GRACIE BARRA – 85 points
7 – Cannon BJJ – 78 points
8 – Lotus Club Jiu Jitsu – 77 points
9 – Soul Fighters Arizona – 62 points
10 – CTA – 59 points

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