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Atos West Phoenix Newest Black Belt

Atos West Phoenix Newest Black Belt!!!!

Posted: September 03, 2016

Newest Andre Galvao BJJ Black Belt at Atos West Phoenix!!!

     This past weekend professor Andre Galvao came out to Phoenix BJJ & MMA Academy/Atos West Phoenix to teach a group class followed by an amazing seminar!  This is the 2nd time professor Galvao has visited our gym to teach us some high level techniques! At the end of the seminar Professor Galvao promoted one of our assistant Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructors, Omar Rodriguez, to the rank of black belt!

    Omar has been training in brazilian jiu jitsu for over 20 years starting his journey at the Gracie Academy back in the early 90’s! A few years into his training he decided he liked the way the Machado brothers taught bjj and decided to start training under them eventually receiving the rank of brown belt directly from Rigan Machado.  Fast forward 12 years later and Omar has finally achieved the rank of black belt, assists in teaching our adult classes, and continues to improve his jiu jitsu through steady consistent training.  He has had a remarkable journey and is living proof that a black belt can be achieved by anyone as long as they don’t give up.

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