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How to Build an Adjustable Sandbag

Posted: April 19, 2017

Some people feel they cannot workout because they can’t afford equipment or they do not have room to store it. I am here to tell you that you need very little space, money, or equipment to get a good workout. You could get into incredible shape using just a sandbag and your body weight. Sandbags build real man strength. This is the type of strength that people look at in awe. In this article I am going to teach you how to construct a sandbag that is adjustable in weight and very cheap.

First you will need to purchase a army duffel bag. They are usually very cheap and can be found used at an army surplus store. They generally cost $10 to $20. They look like the bag below.

You will also need a box of contractor 2ml thick trash bags, a few bags of play sand, a bathroom scale, and a roll of duct tape. The first thing you will do is take a contractor trash bag and fill it with 25# of sand.

Play sand usually comes in 50# bags so you will empty about half of the bag into the trash bag. Weigh the trash bag on the scale. Once you have 25# in the trash bag squeeze all of the air our and tie the trash bag. I usually duct tape the area where I tied the bag to keep it closed. Now take your trash bag and put it inside of another trash. Squeeze the air out of the second bag and tie it in a knot. Duct tape this knot as well. Now you will usually wrap duct tape around the trash bag a few times to give it a little extra support. Now take your duct tape sandbag and put it into the army duffel bag.

Now continue this process until you have between 6-8 25# trash bags of sand. Now you have a sandbag that can be adjusted in 25# increments from 25# to 200#. When this bag is not in use I just store all of the trash bags in the duffel bag and keep it in the corner of the garage. If you want to to be able to adjust in 5# increments then purchase four 5# weight plates from the store. If you want a weight in between the 25# increment you just need to throw in a few of those 5# plates.

In future articles I will discuss some examples of how to use sandbags in your workouts. Have fun building this monster and get ready to build some real man strength.

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