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The Benefits of Learning Self Defense

Posted: August 23, 2017

The point of a self defense class is to keep you safe and give you the skills to avoid danger, and to protect yourself. A self defense seminar is great for anyone, and has a lot of benefits. Read on to find out what a self defense class can do for you.

Keeps You Safe

Self defense classes train your body to be able to naturally respond to threats and danger with movements that will keep you safe. If you ever find yourself in a threatening situation, even with someone larger or stronger than you, training will prepare you to know what to do to stay safe. Not only does a self-defense class teach you movements, but it also teaches you how to spot potential dangers and keep yourself out of bad situations. Being able to detect a threatening situation is sometimes of more value than being able to fight off an attacker. You can never plan on being attacked, and you need to learn how to always be aware of your surroundings. All of the skills you learn in a self defense class can help keep you safe, and might even save your life, or the life of someone you love.

In House Tournament Results

Posted: April 19, 2017

We had a great tournament last night with lots of action.  Everyone came ready to compete and wanted that NAGA entrance price.  Our big winner was Jose Suarez.  He came in weighing 210 and fought 3 tough matches.  We can’t wait to see him compete in the future.  The results are below and we will have pictures posted shortly.

Results: …..-1st Place: Jose Suarez (210 pounds) …..-2nd Place: Kelile Bradley (153 pounds)

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