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Kevin Scott Receives BJJ Black Belt from 9x BJJ World Champion Caio Terra

Kevin Scott Receives BJJ Black Belt from 9x BJJ World Champion Caio Terra!!!!!

Posted: March 30, 2015

Kevin Scott Receives BJJ Black Belt from Professor Caio Terra!!!!

This weekend professor Caio Terra came to Phoenix BJJ & MMA Academy and taught an amazing seminar.  Many of our students plus students from multiple other gyms came to learn some great techniques from the 9x world champion.  This was a very fun weekend and ended with a surprise black belt promotion for our head brazilian jiu jitsu instructor Kevin Scott.  We are very proud to be part of Caio Terra Association and proud to represent his team!

Here is professor Caio Terra’s facebook post about the promotion:

Caio Terra BJJ
A little over two years ago I fulfilled one of my dreams and the Caio Terra Association was born. Our goal wasn’t to have a lot of affiliates or to win trophies but to change lives. To do this we had to find people with similar values and beliefs. In order to build relationships we actually limit growth so I can get to know all our affiliates. Although it might not make the most business sense I couldn’t be happier. To ensure that all black belts we award are true to our system any brown belt who joins has to wait a mandatory two years so I can evaluate their jiu jitsu and character over time and they can learn the curriculum. Today I’m proud to award my first affiliate black belt, Kevin Scott of Phoenix BJJ. Kevin started jiu-jitsu in the 90’s and came to us as a brown belt. When I told him of the requirement he didn’t care, like all affiliates he realizes it’s the journey not the destination that defines us. Thanks for letting me be a part of your journey and thanks for being a huge part of mine.

Faixa Preta is only the beginning!

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Here is Kevin’s Facebook post reflection about this event:

17 years ago I decided I wanted to learn bjj but there were no schools near my house. So I bought a book about bjj and started training with a friend on a trampoline. After a year of this, in the beginning of 1999, I convinced my dad to let me enter a grappling tournament even though I had never received any actual bjj training from an instructor and I ended up taking home a silver medal and was invited to train at multiple schools. Thankfully after that tournament my Dad allowed me to go to an actual bjj school to receive real training. Since that time it has been a long bumpy road, but today I finally achieved my first big milestone by receiving my black belt from Professor Caio Terra. I am very thankful I found Caio and he allowed me to be his student and be part of CTA. I honestly believe I learned more from him in 2.5 years than I learned during the other 14.5 years of my bjj career. I will wear my belt with pride and do my best to be a good representative of my coach Caio Terra and the CTA team. Thank you for believing in me and guiding me professor!

I also want to thank everyone who helped me get this far and never allowed me to give up. Thank you to my family who has always supported me even when I had to be away a lot. Thank you to my assistant coaches Omar Rodriguez, Tyler Arevalo, Korey Kerber, all of my training partners, and all of my students who stuck by me and helped push me on a daily basis to get better. I would not be at this level without all of you. Thank you Warren Abraham for helping me open this business and for all the support you have always given me. Lastly thank you to everyone in the bjj community that has trained with me or competed against me. You have all made me better!

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