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tournament results

Tournament Results

Posted: April 19, 2017

This was one of the best and toughest tournaments we’ve seen in Arizona and everyone brought their A game.  We’ll work on fixing any weaknesses I saw at this weekend’s tournament and then test our new and improved bjj games at the Phoenix International Open on April 28.  The results are below:

-Josh Rohlinger 6th place in Jr. Teens 77# class
-Austin Roman 2nd Place in Jr. Teens Unlimited Class
-Ethan Abrahan 3rd Place in the Pre-Teens 52# class
-Luke Walker 3rd Place in the Teens 133# class
-Christian Graff 2nd Place in the Teens Unlimited class
-Dan Truax lost a tought first match to opponent that won tournament
-Mark Sablan lost 1st round to tough opponent that won tournament
-Kelile Bradley lost 1st round
-Antwuane Hooks lost 1st round

Everyone worked hard tonight and we’re proud of all of our competitors win or lose. If you didn’t win today don’t worry we’ll have plenty more chances coming up. The IBJJF Phoenix International Open is on April 28, NAGA AZ is May 5, The IBJJF World Championships are May 31st through June 3rd, and the AZ BJJ State championships will be sometime in June. There will be plenty of opportunities to compete and test yourselves.

Pictures and video from tournament will be available in the next few days.  If you have any pictures or video from the tournament please feel free to send it to us if you would like it posted on the site.

Tournament Prep Private Lessons!!!

I video taped all of the matches from the tournament and started watching them to see the errors that were made. If you would like a private lesson to work on fixing the specific mistakes you are making in the tournament please contact me and schedule it right away.  This will allow you to focus on improving your games immediately and give you more time to create good technical habits before the next competition.

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