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Old Technique of the Month Videos

Posted: April 19, 2017

Below are old technique of the month videos.  Some of these videos are many years old and were shot on very low quality cameras.  We will resume our technique of the month series starting this September!  The new videos will be much more in depth and better quality!

Mount Escape Bench Press Variation

This is a good mount escape variation to use if your normal upa and shrimp escapes are not working.  This was recorded when we first opened our current location in 2013.

Mount Escape Upa Variation

This is an updated version of the traditional upa mount escape.  This was video was recorded in 2013 when we were first opening our current location in Goodyear.

Half Guard Pass to Monoplata Variation

One of the original monoplata variations from half guard top position.  Awesome

Duck Under Spider Guard Pass

Very effective spider guard pass ducking under the opponents leg.  This video was recorded in 2011 at our second location in Tolleson.

Guillotine Variation Off Butterfly Guard

This is a simple way to hit the Marcelotine off of the butterfly guard.  Video was recorded in 2008 at our 1st location.

Wrestler Switch Off Failed Arm Drag

This is a simple wrestler switch to the back off a failed arm drag attempt recorded back in 2008 at our first location.

Triangle of Back Take Attempt

Head Instructor Kevin Scott showing a easy triangle transition off of taking opponents back. This video is recorded back in 2008 at our first location in Litchfield Park.

De La Riva Pass to Marcelotine

This is a way head instructor Kevin Scott used to pass deep de la riva back in 2008.  This was filmed at our first gym location in Litchfield Park.

Basic Butterfly Hook Sweep

Head instructor Kevin Scott showing a basic butterfly hook sweep many years ago at our first gym location in Litchfield Park.

Flying Triangle

This is another one of our very early videos of our student Kevin showing off a version of the flying triangle that he hit in competition a few times.  This was shot at our original tiny location in Litchfield Park!

Flying Armlock

This is one of our first ever videos of one of our students showing a flying armlock that he had great success with in tournaments!

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